IME Ontario Pricing & Costs

Pricing differs by age group. Below, you’ll find the IME cost, as well as CUAET & IFHP medical exam pricing and required tests based on your age.

IME Cost / Pricing; Immigration Medical Exam

Age Required Tests Pricing
0 – 10 Years physical exam only $125
11 – 14 Years Physical + Urine $200
15 – 74 Years Physical + Urine + Blood $250
75 Years & Above Physical + Urine + Blood $300

Note that the X-Ray for 11 Years Old and older is not included in the price, and will be charged at the Radiology Clinic for $60*. Prices may vary. Please confirm with the Radiology clinic for their pricing.

CUAET Pricing: Medical Diagnostic Test

Age Required Tests Pricing
0 – 10 Years Medical Diagnostic Test $100
11 – 14 Years Medical Diagnostic Test $120
15 Years & Above Medical Diagnostic Test $150

IFHP Coverage: Refugee Program

Requirements Pricing
The IFHP program allows a once-in-a-lifetime free IME for refugees. If you are eligible, it will be free for you. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the standard IME.
Free (if Applicable)

Ready to book your IME?

If you require an Immigration Medical Exam or CUAET Medical Diagnostic Test and are in the Hamilton, Ontario, area, consider booking your appointment with Dr. Victor’s at Wellington Medical Clinic or Truwell (Lily) Medical Clinic.

With his experience and dedication to his patients, you can get your medical exam conducted with the utmost professionalism and care.