Learn about IME Ontario and meet our IRCC registered panel physician Dr. Victor Ohonbamu, available for IME at Wellington & Truwell medical clinic in Hamilton, Ontario

IME Ontario provides Immigration Medical Exam services to all immigration applicants from around the Hamilton area. Our panel physician Dr. Victor Ohonbamu is registered by IRCC to conduct immigration medical exams. Dr. Victor Ohonbamu conducts medical exams at the Wellington medical clinic and Truwell (Lily) medical clinic. We are experienced in conducting immigration medical exams and are equipped to meet immigration requirements.

IME Ontario, Canadian Immigration Medical Exam

Your gateway to a healthy immigration journey – trust IME Ontario located in Hamilton for your medical exam needs

Dr. Ohonbamu, IRCC panel physician at IME Ontario, Welington and Lily medical clinic Hamilton

IME Ontario’s Registered Panel Physician

Dr. Victor Ohonbamu is a highly experienced physician with an exceptional academic background and a passion for providing excellent medical care to his patients. He is a registered panel physician with the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and has years of experience in conducting Immigration Medical Exams (IMEs). You can find more information on the role of a panel physician here.

Dr. Victor is known for his compassionate and caring approach to medicine, excellent communication skills, and ability to provide personalized care. He is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest medical knowledge and technologies to provide comprehensive care for his patients. Visit him today for your immigration medical exam at Wellington or Truwell (Lily) medical clinic in Hamilton, Ontario.

IME Ontario, Canadian Immigration Medical Exam

Our Locations in Hamilton, Ontario

Dr. Victor Ohonbamu is an IRCC registered panel physician of IME Ontario located in Hamilton, who performs IME and CUAET medical examinations for all immigration applicants. He offers his services at two convenient locations with the following clinic addresses and hours of operation.

Wellington Medical Clinic
Wellington Medical Clinic90 Wellington Street N, Unit 105-B, Hamilton, ON, L8R 1N1
Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays
Truwell (Lily) Medical Clinic
Truwell (Lily) Medical Clinic838 King St E, Hamilton, ON L8M 1B4
Mondays & Fridays
IME Ontario, Canadian Immigration Medical Exam

About Our Partnerships and Buisness Model

IME Ontario operates with the aim of becoming the preferred choice for immigration applicants seeking their Immigration Medical Exam (IME) in Ontario. IME Ontario aims to mirror its partner business, the renowned IME Clinic Inc. in BC, which follows a strategic model featuring multiple IRCC-registered panel physicians across various BC locations. Both IME Ontario and IME Clinic Inc. are powered by MediSmart Digital Inc., a digital solutions provider for Canadian healthcare providers.

MediSmart is our website developer and oversees various digital aspects, including website management, SEO, content creation, and digital advertising. Beyond these services, MediSmart also contributes its expertise to our business growth and clinic workflow optimization. Through our strategic partnership with MediSmart, IME Ontario is actively working on implementing an EMR-integrated online booking system. This system ensures data security while providing a user-friendly interface for online appointments.

Additionally, our collaboration with MediSmart has strengthened our online presence, enabling us to attract panel physicians from various major cities across Ontario. We are committed to making IME Ontario the preferred choice for immigration medical exams in the province.

Join our growing network of panel physicians across Ontario and experience the benefits of MediSmart’s comprehensive digital solutions. Contact MediSmart to learn more and be part of our mission!

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